Methods to select the best fitness driving

The driving test tends to leave even the most confident or positive person feeling nervous. Firstly the majority of us have obtained numerous written evaluations and examinations by the time we reach 17 years old the oldest that we could take the up test. However the driving test is very different, not only is it a practical as opposed to academic evaluation, but unlike many tests where we can place a line through something we have written if you make a mistake when driving you can’t go back and have another go. Hence the student driver must make the perfect decisions in real time without the chance to sit down and think about it for some time first. As an approved driving instructor I usually ask my students a couple weeks prior to their driving test if they are nervous, and if they are, why. The most frequent cause for their nerves is that they are worried that they will make an error in a special area of their driveway.

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If it was as simple as asking the student this question then this is going to be a very informative article. However we will need to ensure we ask the correct questions and use the answers properly. Allow me to give you an actual example from one of my past students. Before my student’s practical driving test i asked her if there was anything that she had been worried about. She said that she could not do her maneuvers. Now as her teacher I knew that she could do all of the maneuvers to the test standard, but was not keen on the turn in the street 3 point turn specifically judging the front and back of the vehicle to the curb. So I asked a set of questions in such a way as to remove the areas that she was not nervous about. We had now moved from being unable to perform some of the maneuvers, to simply being worried about among these. Next I asked about this particular maneuver.

I was now left with the actual place that my student was concerned with. Again knowing their driving i had been able to ask the correct questions next. I was now able to confirm to my student that the great news was that the one thing that they needed to be nervous about was picking up 1 driving fault in their driving test you can get 15 of them and still pass the driving test. A couple of weeks later and with renewed confidence this student to pass assessment of fitness to drive. If the nerves were well founded, being about a place of their drive that wasn’t as good as it ought to be then we would still have had the time to work on this area and enhance it before the test.